Bridging gender financing gaps especially for women led small and middle-sized enterprises WSMEs is not solely about availability or affordability but more 
about WSMEs willingness and capabilities to access financing opportunities.


Evidence from an IMF study of 47 African countries, indicated that women are more likely to self-select out of the credit market due to low perceived creditworthiness. With this understanding, G4Her has designed an accelerator program targeted at building the capacity of women-led small and medium enterprises (WSMEs) to enable them to transition from small to high potential fundable growth stage businesses.


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Innovative in its approach, G4Her integrates communities and uses behavioral and psychosocial analysis models and transformational leadership approaches. In addition, the program teaches practical business skills and develops tools to better understand market performance and dynamics. Finally, the program provides women with an understanding of financial and budgetary management, digital transformation and legal and regulatory issues. With the G4Her program, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the entire community ensure the success and development of these women entrepreneurs.

Enabling Environment

Get access to an environment that has a supportive ecosystem for women led small and middle-sized enterprises [WSMEs] aimed at improving access to resources [funding]

De-risking WSMEs

De-risking women led small and middle-sized enterprises [WSMEs] by providing them with the skills, knowledge expert support and mindset to grow fundable businesses.

Network of WSMEs

Build a network and community of successful women led small and middle-sized enterprises [WSMEs]  who serve as role models, mentors and enablers for future female entrepreneurs